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This article is about the self-service portal of the ticket system. Every dependant of the university can create, answer and close tickets. It is also possible to view the status of the tickets.

Creating a ticket

Open the menu Tickets and choose New Ticket

Menu New Ticket

The following window will pop up:

New Ticket Window

In this new window type, subject and text must be filled.

There are three different types:

  • Anfrage - a question to a specific subject.
  • Störung - a report about devices or action.
  • Unclassified - it's neither a question nor a report.

The subject is a short sentence about the topic of the text, like in an email.

The text contains the description of the ticket. Please use the correct form of address and salutations.

By pressing Übermitteln the ticket will be sent and saved.

Optional: A file can be attached, but this is not necessary.

Answering tickets

Choose a ticket in the overview Meine Tickets. The current status of the tickets are listed here, too.


Following window will pop up:

Artikel Überschicht

This window contains all articles as tabs. The last article will be shown. Older articles can be viewed by clicking on the specific tab.

After clicking the Button Antworten, the following window appears:

Antwort schreiben

Put the answer in the textfield. Save and sent it by clicking Übermitteln.

New statuses can be chosen when clicking on nächster Status:

  • offen - ticket remains open.
  • erfolgreich geschlossen - close the ticket successfully.
  • erfolglos geschlossen - the ticket will be closed unsuccessfully. It is possible to close the ticket by yourself.

In the dropdown menu Priorität the level of priority can be chosen. In most cases the default value should be set.