Login problems with the HSMW App on Android 4

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Note: This manual was made with an Android device of version 4.4.4. It should be similiar to other versions.


In June 2018, the server certificate of the homepage hs-mittweida.de was changed. A login with the HSMW-App is no longer possible, if an Android device with version 4 or older is used. This is due to the fact that the devices can no longer establish an encrypted connection to the server, because they do not trust the new certificate.

Dieses Problem kann man lösen, indem man das seitdem verwendete Wurzelzertifikat manuell installiert. The solution to this problem is to manually install the root-certificate.

This is already installed if Android 5 or newer is installed.


  • Android-Smartphone
  • Android-Version 4.4.4 ("Kitkat") or older
  • Lockscreen already setup (PIN or Password)


  1. First, download the certificate to the device. This can be either done directly or from a computer with an USB-Cable.
  2. Go to Settings and choose the option Security
  3. Choose Install from SD-Card. This will allow the manual installation of certificates.
  4. Select the downloaded certificate.
  5. The name of the certificate is not important. Select 'VPN and Apps when asked for the usage of the certificate.
  6. After clicking the OK-Button it should be possible to login again.
  7. The upcoming security message can be ignored.
1. "Settings" -> "Security"
2. "Install the certificate"
3. Select the certificate
4. Choose a name and usage: VPN and Apps