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If you are using a Mac, use this manual instead: (https://wiki.hs-mittweida.de/en/Creating_a_connection_to_network_drives_with_Mac_OS_X)

This manual describes the external access to shared folders like your Windows-Home folder as well as the LEHRE folder.

Windows 10 uses the same system.


Accessing the shared folders must be done with VPN. If you do not have a VPN connection configured yet, click on this link and follow the instructions: (https://wiki.hs-mittweida.de/en/VPN)

After having succesfully configured the VPN connection, activate the VPN connection and follow the next steps.

Opening the Windows Explorer

This can be done in two ways:
Nr.1: Press "Windows-Button + E" and the explorer should pop up.

Nr.2: Click on the "Start"-Button on the bottom left side of the screen (1)
Type "explorer"(2) and click on "Windows Explorer"(3).
Explorer öffnen

Accessing the shared folder

Click on the address bar of the internet explorer(4) and enter the following address(confirm with ENTER): "\\na2.hs-mittweida.de" Share Adresse eingeben

Login Window

After a few seconds, a login window should popup. Here the account credentials of the HSMW account are needed.

First, enter "hs-mittweida\" followed by the username. "hs-mittweida\" will ensure that you login with your university account and not with your local account. Alternatively "username@hs-mittweida.de" can also work. After that, enter the password (6) and confirm everything with "OK" (7)

External Folders

Now the external folders(8) should be visible and you can access your files.

Folder (9) is "LEHRE", which is also often referred to "Laufwerk R:" or "Harddrive R:". Each user has his own Windows-Home folder(known as "Laufwerk I: or Harddrive I:). This folder is named after your loginname.