Eduroam network configuration using Android

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Please make sure that the root certificate of the Deutsche Telekom is properly installed and configured. Always check if the certificate is authentic and valid when connecting to a WLAN. If you encounter any certificate errors while loggin into a WLAN, log out immediatly and do not use that WLAN. Non-observance of this could lead to unauthorized access to your sensitive user data and you could be held responsible for possible damages resulting this.
The root certificate of the Deutsche Telekom(Deutsche Telekom Root CA 2) can be found here:

Android 4.0+

First, download the root certificate of the Deutsche Telekom(Deutsche Telekom ROOT CA 2) to your device. The certificate is available here: Open the download folder by using the "Downloads"-App or navigate manually to the folder.

Android 4 WLAN 01.png

Tap on the certificate and give it a proper name, e.g. "dtag".

Android 4 WLAN 02.png

Tap on "OK". You will recieve the message that the certificate was successfully installed.

Android 4 WLAN 03.png

Open the settings and go to WLAN. "eduroam" should be one of the available networks.

Android 4 WLAN 04.png

Tap on "eduroam" to edit the settings. "CA-Certificate" should be the name that you've given the certificate, e.g. "dtag". "Identity" is your username from your hsmw login credentials.

Android 4 WLAN 05.png

EAP-Method: PEAP

Phase 2-Authentification: MSCHAPV2

CA-Certificate: dtag


Anonyme Identität: anonymous

Password: Your password

Android 4 WLAN 05.pngAndroid 4 WLAN 06.png

Tap on "Connect". The connection was successfully established.

Android 4 WLAN 07.png