Eduroam network configuration using Android

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Important Notice! If your device was logged in 'before July 2019 in the eduroam network the chances are high that you are using an old version.

Android 4.0+

First, download the root certificate of the Deutsche Telekom(Deutsche Telekom ROOT CA 2) to your device. The certificate is available here: Open the download folder by using the "Downloads"-App or navigate manually to the folder.

Android 4 WLAN 01.png

Tap on the certificate and give it a proper name, e.g. "dtag".

Android 4 WLAN 02.png

Tap on "OK". You will recieve the message that the certificate was successfully installed.

Android 4 WLAN 03.png

Open the settings and go to WLAN. "eduroam" should be one of the available networks.

Android 4 WLAN 04.png

Tap on "eduroam" to edit the settings. "CA-Certificate" should be the name that you've given the certificate, e.g. "dtag". "Identity" is your username from your hsmw login credentials.

Android 4 WLAN 05.png

EAP-Method: PEAP

Phase 2-Authentification: MSCHAPV2

CA-Certificate: dtag


Anonyme Identität: anonymous

Password: Your password

Android 4 WLAN 05.pngAndroid 4 WLAN 06.png

Tap on "Connect". The connection was successfully established.

Android 4 WLAN 07.png