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Die Hochschule Mittweida is member of the international eduroam-community.

Our users can worldwide be online in an increasing number of Universities and research sites with the login of Hochschule Mittweida using their own mobile devices.

There are also many public places where eduroam useres can be online.

And of course can users of other Universities and research sites go online at campus of Hochschule Mittweida.

User of Hochschule Mittweida have to comply with the following conditions:

  • They must own a valid login of the Hochschule Mittweida
  • The password has to be valid (not older then 210 days)
  • They have to own a mobile device which complies with hardware and software security conditions

We support our usres configuring their devices using Configuration Assistant Tool CAT

Caution! On 09 July 2019 the electronic certificates of all existing device configurations become invalid for users of Hochschule Mittweida. Renew your configuration timely.