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Welcome to HSMWiki

With this wiki, students and employees of the university Mittweida can write manuals for technical problems and solutions to help other users.

Each thread consists of an article and a page for comments and discussions. The article should only contain a technical and objective manual. Reviews, questions and feedback are meant to be written in the related discussion.

You have to login if you want to create or edit existing articles. Click on top of the page on "Login", and enter your account credentials.

If this is your first time with our wiki, we recommend to read the following pages:

  • Tips and Tricks (German) can be found here
  • General help and the user manual
  • Useful examples, and how to use which formatting
  • Sandbox to test different things
  • Guideline how to write good articles: Wikipedia

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If you need some help and can't find solutions in this wiki, you can contact us per mail ( or visit us in room 3-009 !

Our business hours can be seen either on the display in room 3-009 or on the homepage of the NCC.