Eduroam network configuration using Windows 10

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Setting up eduroam with the configuration tool - Windows 10

The instructions for Windows 7 and 8 are identical with this one.

Deleting an old profile

If an outdated eduroam profile still exists, it is necessary to delete it. First open a command line with administrator rights:

  • Press the key with the windows logo
  • Enter "cmd" in the search bar
  • Right click onto cmd-App -> open as Administrator
  • Enter the following command and confirm with ENTER:
netsh wlan delete profile name="eduroam"

Setting up eduroam using the configuration tool

First, download the configuration tool from the website: eduroam CAT

You can download the eduroam tool on this page.

Eduroam windows10 01.PNG

Choose "Hochschule Mittweida" as your university.

Eduroam windows10 02.PNG

An installation file suitable for the Windows version will be selected for you. In this case it is Windows 10. Click on the following button to download the installation file.

Eduroam windows10 03.PNG

After the download, execute the downloaded file. An installation wizard will guide you through the installation.

Finally, you will be asked to enter your login data. Use your university login with as suffix. This should already be suggested.

For example: "".

Eduroam windows10 04.PNG

Now you can install the profile. As soon as you are within range of the eduroam network in Mittweida, your device will connect to it.