Eduroam network configuration using Mac OSX

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Download and configuration of the eduroam CAT app

The eduroam CAT tool is supported by Apple OS X Lion and all following versions. A list of supported versions can be found [here].

Make sure you use the Safari browser to install the profile! This browser recognizes the file format of the profile and automatically puts it to the correct file path.

External software is not installed here. An eduroam profile of the university is downloaded and set up, which is required to connect to the eduroam WLAN.

Visit []. You can change the language on the top side of the page.

Click on the blue button to download your profile:

Eduroam Mac OSX 02.png

Choose 'Hochschule Mittweida' from the list.

Eduroam windows10 02.PNG
Now you can select a profile installer. The appropriate installer for your operating system will be selected automatically:

Eduroam Mac OSX 01.png

Safari should've recognized that you downloaded a profile file. Enter your university credentials in the following window:

Don't forget to add "" to your login!
For example. .

Eduroam Mac OSX 03.png

The profile has now been successfully installed and you should be able to connect to the eduroam network when you are within range.